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So, how hard is this theme to set up?

Easy means easy! Many premium themes are overly complex and require training. Nassau is built for simplicity. There are no theme-only shortcodes, widgets, layout or content panels. This means no extra learning curve. Nassau uses standard WordPress content creation and administration tools. What you see in the demo is the default installation, without text, but with most photos included, along with some headings. The Theme Options only enhance the design and replace these default settings.

How do I configure it?

See the readme.txt file included with the theme files for short and sweet instructions.

How many plugins will I need?


Which plugins are you using for the demo?

The demo is using these plugins: Askimet, Auto ThickBox Plus, Google XML Sitemaps, Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu, Reveal IDs, Twitter for WordPress, WordPress Importer. None of these are required or included with the Nassau theme.

How do I add a background photo?

Upload your photos to the /slideshow directory located in the same directory as the theme. That’s it – the theme does the rest!

What is the ideal size for background photos?

Generally, images around 1300 x 860 fit best. More than 1200-px wide, not much more than 2000-px, and under 1MB in size.

How do I change the order of the background photos?

By default, the photos cycle in alphabetical order. Use a naming convention to reflect this, such as photo01.jpg, photo02.jpg, photo03.jpg…

How do I add a photo gallery?

See this excellent WordPress tutorial.

How do I get columns to wrap in the photo gallery?

Set the number of columns to 9, or the highest number available. Save the gallery settings and click Update. Photos should automatically wrap to the available screen size.

Which lightbox plugin should I use?

There are many options for lightbox plugins. For this theme, we recommend the highly flexible and customizable Auto ThickBox Plus.

How do I create a menu?

See this excellent WordPress tutorial.

How do I customize the widgets?

This theme supports five widgets including areas on the Home Page, Sidebar and Footer. Visit Appearance > Widgets to manage the content you want to display in these areas. Drag and Drop from the Available Widgets section to the appropriate widget listed on the right. For more information about widget types, see this excellent WordPress tutorial.


We chose to link to the photo gallery, but you can use this Promo Box for anything. Just upload a photo (it resizes for you) and edit this text.

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